Everybody likes certain colors. Certain colors also are more easily read by some people. For this reason, The Next Trail allows you to customize trail colors.

Press the 3 lines in the upper left corner of the main screen and then select Preferences. Then choose Customize Trail Colors. There are many options for the different types of trails The Next Trail displays. Here are a couple of notes:

  • Under User’s Trail Colors, the most important one to set is the middle one – My Displayed Trail Color. Pick a color that stands out to highlight your recorded trails.
  • GPS Trails (GIS Data) are divided into 2 categories – Trails and Routes. This kind of follows the terminology used by many counties/states. Trails in general are offroad trails made for snowmobile/ATV/UTV use. Routes are typically a road. By having two different colors, you can often see where the “offroad” trails.
  • GPS Trails will have a border on them indicating whether the trail is open or closed. The default is Green for open, Red for Closed.
  • In some places Trails might have width restrictions for ATV/UTVs. If the data is available, we allow you to use a different color certain width restrictions.

You can also change the Point Of Interest color to make it stand out. Points of Interest are businesses like Bars, Restaurants, Gas Stations, etc.

Change the colors to your preference and enjoy The Next Trail.


One of the goals of The Next Trail is to give you up to date (maybe even up to the minute) trail status. If you allow Notifications, and one is sent out by a club or The Next Trail, a small number will show up on the bell icon indicating that you have notifications. Select the bell icon to see the current notifications.

Other Preferences

DarkMode – turns puts your base map into a mode that is not so bright for low light/night riding. Note: this does not darken Map Images, so you may want to hide them if you want to use Dark Mode.

Quick Record – when recording trails (see Map Your Own Trails) if you don’t want to get an initial menu asking you to give a name to the trail segment you are about to record – turn this option on.

Archive My Trails In Cloud – when you record trail segments, they can be archived to Cloud storage maintained by The Next Trail. These trail segments will not be shared with anyone else, they are archived to Cloud storage as a backup in case you have to switch phones, or delete and reinstall the app. If they are in the Cloud storage, your trails will show up in My Trails.